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First Time Visit : Ocha & Bella

First Time Visit : Ocha & Bella

The feeling when we step into the new atmosphere was tremendous. Thats enough to describe how good the interior design, down to earth and unique. The Front Desk people, had a quick gesture to respond our visit. She told us, that if we have not reserved a place in weekend, we must sit in the outdoor. Well, how should we know? Never mind, three of us, sit out there in a Gazebo and have some chit chat before we decided which food or drink to be ordered. 

After a few second, i mean a few minutes. We decided to order some selected food, with the waiter recommendation. For the pasta we choose Capelini AOP, and Pizza Salsiccia. Last but not least, we pick Green Tea Cooler, Ice Lychee and mine is Creme Brulee.

Before the meal come, we served with their special complimentary of Cheese Stick and Soft Bread.

Here's some picture we took, for you curious-cat.. Miaowww.... Rawrrr....... ^^

Capellini AOP (90k)

Pizza Salsiccia (90k)

Green Tea Cooler (30k)

Ice Lychee (35k)

Creme Brulee (35k)

Overall the food was delicious and they served with good attitude, in the right time. As we request so much additional items, like Ketchup, Chili Flakes. But one thing, we don't really like is many mosquitos and the air is a bit humid, hm.... not hot , not cold.. Hard to explain. The van blow us very strong, luckily   "the good visitor" beside us,move aside to their place.

Before we leave the restaurant, we trying to capture some prestigious moment.

Novi and Brigita with the Scooters ! Cheers.

The Bakers

Look at the chairs !!!

The Bars.

Additional : by request

The Cover


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