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Kose : The Natural Skin Care Goods
One word to define KOSE is Natural. I said so, because the ingredients are carefully selected by the only expert in Japan. Believe me, when you pour the Lotion into you skin, the effect is fresh and absorb quickly to your skin. You may get the result in a few weeks after use i regularly, your skin will be smooth,  all the blemishes are gone away ! The effortless way, without any pain.


You may get those product in the counter of Kose or any beauty Department Store like Metro, Sogo. It is good for your own skin, please don't bother about the price, though the other product may be have a little bit cheaper. Trust me, you won't disappointed.

Let me give you some of the product, that recently i use. 

1. Sekkisei Cleansing Cream

What a good things about this Product ? Yes, you are right. It helps to remove your cosmetic / make-up from your skin. The fragrant is very nice smell, not like the other product which is just plain boring. The smell not too strong, so you may enjoy it while you clean your skin. Just take a pinch of the cream, and apply to your face, pick some cotton and clean it. Rinse with warm or cold water. and use the product below "Washing Cream"

2. Washing Cream
Every morning, every afternoon, every night, i never missed to use this product. Don't ask why, because it rejuvenate and brighten up your skin. All kind of skin may use.

3. Sekkkisei Lotion

This lotion is extraordinary, when you apply to your face. It absorb quickly.

4. Junkisui Refreshing Spots Serum

After you apply the lotion to your skin with some cotton, you may use this Serum without any cotton, because the product include the sponge. Easy and practical for travel, or even for you who work,in the room full of air conditioner. Afraid of dry skin ? No worries, keep this to you desk, everything will be safe

5. Sekkisei Mask White

For the mask, i usually use it for once in 1 - 2 weeks. It helps reduce black pores and maintain your skin to breathe. Apply it thoroughly your skin, exclude eyes, and wait for about 20 minutes until become mask. When the mask is hard and 20 minutes is left, you may take out by peel it. Remember, take a note, do not splash with water otherwise you do not get the result. The way to take is by PEELING only, so the blackhead will gone from your smooth skin.

6. Sekkisei Sun Protector

I love this product. Helps me to protect my skin from the bad sun. In the morning, after  wash your face with the Washing Cream, Lotion, Spot Serum, just let it dry for a few minutes to let your skin take break. Then just put  2 - 3 drops of the Sekkisei Sun Protector, SPF 50+ PA+++

It's looks like foundation, had some color, so if you wish not to apply more some loose powder or compact powder, it will be okay. On thing, is good to know is the liquid quite oily, so do not attempt to put so much. Just apply as much as your skin area need to be shield ya !
The clue  http://kose.co.id/

Psssttt.... It just a few of my secret, do not tell anyone... Just the two of us! 

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