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Daily Supplement

This supplement classified as a daily supplement. So do not worry, if suddenly you forget to take this supplement for 1 - 2 days, won't make you sick or die. In fact don't consume over dose, while it may cause sore throat or pimples. 

The benefit is good for your teeth and bone.

Everyone need a Calcium to make a stronger bone, because as we grow older, the bone can help by itself to improve the structure. So we need to take calcium for a better bone in a few years later. As example, if you have an accident and it caused a fracture, calcium may help your bone to recover faster then people who don't take any calcium.

You may also get a Calcium, from a natural ingredients like Milk, Spinach, Cheese, Yoghurt, Broccoli,etc. While Calcium Supplement may help for a better bone and teeth. 

Sangobion Capsul Rp 9.300 / 10 capsul

Sangobion Capsul Rp 9.300 / 10 capsul
Recently i feel quite dizzy, and blur. So i decided to take this supplement, just incase.

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