Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

"Jing Tang" : Refreshing & Healthy Herbal Drink

My friend made this delicious herbal drink, she bought the ingredients from traditional market at Pluit, then we made together at her kitchen in PIK. The step is quite easy, except how to peel and crush the nuts called "Pek Kui", the shell was quite hard and it looks like Pistachio. The inside is not hard as pistachio, but once it boiled, the texture was harder, and if you don't take out the inner things, it will taste bitter. So you need to be careful, in the cleaning session. LOL.

It's quite fun with her, she so fast doing that kind of stuff. You know, prepare the ingredients, boil the sugar, ahh she use Rock Sugar. So it's more cooling down your inner heat of your body.

Will try to make this at my home, next time..

tee hee...

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