Selasa, 01 Mei 2012


Holla.... Here i am again, today i feel so tired, because need to handle client that take a lot of patience. *sigh* *take a deep breath* never mind, at least i have gain something new today. It is very tiring my mind, but still need to be focus. Because i realize, there's still a lot of people out there, are difficult to survive their life. Michelle, do not forget its just the beginning, not the end ! Just a progress, so be hold on and you will be happy to see, the result. As the song of Colbie Calliat, Take Time to Realize.... The interpretation of the song, for me, is not only for Love matters. The other things more important for me, is to have faith, honesty, consistency and good effort. As the slogan, No Pain No Gain ! What can i say is, Be Strong, Be Faithful and Be Humble in a positive way.. Cheers ^^

Sneak Peak at the Office

Sebelah nya kantor ada Toko Penjahit Kenzo (Tailor) dan Dokter Gigi (dentist)

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