Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

LoVe ThiS PhoTo ^^

I just love capture photos, share in my personal Blog. It's my recent hobby, so why there's person/people who hate my activity. Is there any reason,you can explain? There's nothing i write or publish that harm or irritate people's feeling (heart). If there is, please just let me know personally. 

I just write down anything cross my mind, nothing have to be complained. If my post is too much,well i just love to make it more and more and more. Do you feel threatened or intimidated?

It's really funny to hear some comment from some random people. Everyone have their own rights to be protected? Or maybe they feel secure, when they are talking bad about others people? Or they don't have any interest in their life, and trying to get know more / closer about someone? LOL

Never mind, no need to think much about it. Just wasting time and energy. ha ha ha.......

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