Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Outing With my BBF : Jessica

Emie IDR 22.000

i had this Emie for breakfast with my friend Jessica, the taste is not bad, but honestly i prefer "Emie Acuan", somehow the taste is better and the portion is generous with Emping. This stall only give one piece, and the herbal egg is very small. I tried "Laksa" before for lunch, because it's near Pasar Pluit and my office, so during lunch time quite confuse what to eat, and i choose to eat their Laksa. But the noodle is not chewy, the old lady said it was made from rice instead of flour. But the dough seems not well mixed, so when you chew it, is like not solid. 

Family A Set IDR 79.000 ++

MR. PARK at Food Louver, Grand Indonesia

The taste was not good at all, the chicken is still raw *Eeeewwww*, and the fried noodle was tasteless and uncooked. So bad, we didn't finish the meal. Actually it's fit for 4-5 person, in fact we eat only two person.. Then we continue to watch movie "Abraham Lincoln", it was not bad at all. I mean not so special but, not boring too. Ahh i forgot to take picture together with her.. T__T

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