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I bought it from Malaysia, sorry that i don't remember the price.



Acne Patch

As you may see the picture above. The product is clear transparent, a bit yellowish. The texture is sticky, so it easy to stick on your skin. Place it above your pimples or blackhead.
Once the color change into white, you may remove. It help to dry out the pimples and heal your ache. Very practical and not even dry up your skin. 

Expire Date

Video from Youtube ^^

Suddenly found from facebook, that Nexcare from Indonesia also produce this kind of stuff.

Nexcare 3M Indonesia

In Indonesia, they don't called Acne Patch, instead of "Acne Cover"

It Cost : IDR 28.500 / pack

For more further information please visit

i found a good article from Vivawoman

It's another type of Acne Patch, special for Ladies *winked*

In Singapore, there's a great promotion with this product. Check this out!

Facebook Page : Nexcare Singapore

Another good article from Rouge Deluxe, below :

You can also buy from Ebay

Good review from BITSDIARIES

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