Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Pepper Lunch at Central Park

The Holiday visit Central Park on Thursday, while tomorrow are Friday and the fact is need to go office for work, Yes ! i said clearly W-O-R-K

XL Service Centre
XL Service Centre

Fimela Booth


While me and my family arrived at Central Park, i saw some interesting stuffs and just captured it. Just a random shoot, before decided what to eat.

Pepper Lunch Logo
We decided to eat Pepper Lunch, and i was excited ! Happy !!

Hamburger Steak
This is my parents dishes ! was good as always and its double combo !
You may add egg, for additional.

Curry Rice with Chicken and Mushroom
This is my brother meal, not bad. The taste a bit bland. You can add some Honey Sauce or Garlic Sauce and another salt / black pepper, even a chilli flake / chilli sauce.

Smiley Face 
The Food was good,but the service not really nice..  Very Disappointed.

Ice Cream
The taste is not bad, almost same like sundae from Mc Donald. It cost IDR 10.000 (after tax)

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken

Pepper Lunch at Central Park

After me capture this photo, that waiters suddenly told me not to take another picture. Waah, thats so shame. Why can't take a picture, is that a museum or what? so rude and harsh ! And you know what, another waiter (man) starring at me with weirdo looking ! Its so damn funny.

Pepper Lunch at Central Park
Another Picture i take before the waiters warn over me. LOL

Sam & Jolly

Will try for another visit to Central Park, its another division / branch from The Famous Sour & Sally Yoghurt. Look very delicious and tempting..... whaaaaaa....... >.<

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