Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Recently i am addicted to this Korean Drama called Rooftop Prince, i watch online from Kimchi Drama So far,they provide the episode from 1 to 16. Because in that drama is currently airing in Korea. This is make me so curious about the next episode. What will happen and will it be happy ending?

As you may notice, there's a glass of juice. It's a combination of Banana + Strawberry + Orange.
So delicious,healthy and easy to make. FYI, for the balance mixture, don't use banana to much. Because of the thickness, otherwise the other component, like orange juice are bigger in ratio of portion (composition), if you like sweet, you may add more sugar (regular or diet sugar)

If you hate juice, you can replace with other snacks like Pop Corn, Pudding, Chocolate (Ex : Snickers) or maybe an Energy Bar (Ex: SoyJoy with many flavours Strawberry, Grapes, etc)

Enjoy Watching !

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