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Found Recipe : "Tofu Pudding"

Happy Sunday ^^

I found an interesting blog, called " Cooking With Love, a place where's love melted in a taste"
The recipe name is Puding Tahu, a sweet refreshing dessert. It's soft texture and melted in your mouth.
Sound irresistible right?

Tofu Pudding

The recipe :

Ingredient :
1 pack of White Gelatinous
1200 ml, Fresh Low Fat Milk
150 gram, Granulated Sugar
1 teaspoon, of Almond Essences (can replace with Whipped Cream and Vanilla Essences)

How to make :
  1. Mix the White Gelatinous, Fresh Low Fat Milk, Granulated Sugar. Then cook, while stirring until it's boiled.
  2. After the mixture is boiled, turn off the heat and pour the Almond Essences (if you use Whipped Cream, pour the Whipped Cream before the mixture is boiled. After the mixture boiled and turn off the heat, just add some Vanilla Essences)
  3. Pour the final mixture into the mold, that has been wetted with water.
  4. Let it cool for a few minutes (15-20 minutes, depend on your mold size)
  5. After the pudding cool down, put in refrigerator to make it even cooler
  6. You can serve it with Canned Fruits or pieces of fresh cut fruit
For another great recipe from this blog, you may visit to her website 

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