Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Second Visit : Dapur Teratai

Kwetiaw Siram IDR 18.000
Today, i was not so in a good mood. Literally, in a bad mood. Everything i have done, seems wrong.
Because i have period too, and not feeling well. So,in the lunch time, i was confuse by "What to eat? Where to Eat?" It's very common yet undeniable. Finally, i was end up to pick Dapur Teratai, a restaurant which sell Vegetarian Food. Decided to choose "kwetiaw siram" and after waited for about 15 minutes, the food came with quite interesting look.

Please, people, don't ever judge anything by the appearance. It may look nice,but the taste, is so not good. Even my mom can cook better. Well,maybe because i'm not really into vegetarian people. It's Thursday, and i'm just trying to become a "One Day Vegan" Back to the topic, the condiment itself is only tofu, bean sprouts and green vegetable. About the brown sauce, is not taste good at all. Even the street food have a better taste and cheaper price for only IDR 8.000 with Egg! OH MY GOOD.

Anyway, the cashier man also rude and not friendly, he said the price in Chinese, fine! i'm chinese but i don't speak chinese! So What? It's so my bad day. Very bad lunch, wont come back again!!!

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