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Vegetarian Lunch - Dapur Teratai

Sorry Folks, i haven't update my blog, since a few days back. Actually i am not a really creative person who love to write. It's just for fun and would love to share any positive things/stuffs.

So,it's my lunch on last Monday. I was confuse, what should i eat on that day. And i remember, since the day i curious about one vegetarian house. Its called Dapur Teratai, a few blocks from "Bubur Mangga Besar." I just scared if they sell the food over price, for such a vegetarian meal, usually are higher than usual food. When i entered the stall/shop, it's quite peaceful, means only 2-3 person who eat their meal. When i asked, the person there, "What  food do u sell?" and they directly show me the food. They sell vegetable, for mixed rice. Its cost about IDR 15.000, fiuhhh its not that expensive. But, please do not compare to the street food like 'Warteg", u can get a lot of complimentary for 15.000

Beside mixed rice, they also sell a lot of vegetarian dishes. Like Kwetiaw Siram (IDR 18.000), Nasi Tim (IDR 20.000), etc which is not contain any meat products. Do not fooled by their menu, like Pem-Pek or Dendeng, it's looks real and taste the same, but again, It's made from natural ingredients and not contain any meat products (animal : pork, fish, chicken, beef). On usual day, the only sell three kind of dishes. But on 1st (Che it) and 15th (Cap go), they sell more kind of dishes, because it's the ceremony when people mostly become a "One Day" Vegetarian.

Why people need to become a vegetarian on 1st (Che it) and 15th (Cap go), every month. Because it's the day when all the sins gather and therefore the Buddhist come to the temple to pray with incense and being a Vegetarian as a from of Penance. In addition, Che it (1st day of the month) and Cap Go (15th day of the month) are the days of "Alteration of Energy." Praying with "Incense" helps the prayer to remove "Negative / Bad Energy" and gain or improve "Positive / Good Energy.' Therefore, a lot of people may get sick, "the day before Che It" and "the day after Cap Go"

Dapur Teratai Vegetarian 
Jln. Pluit Kencana No.8, Jakarta

Good thing about Dapur Teratai, you can call for their menu of the day and deliver your meal order, right away to your door !  Effortless !

Please do not hesitate to put any comment. But no harsh or violent please. Thanks. Have a Nice Day !

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