Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Happy Meal a.k.a Very Quick Lunch

This is my super duper quick lunch, to rush the minutes... Hmmm, well don't try this at home, i know it suites for kid, that probably age 3-5 yo. Huh, who cares anyway. But i do love the bread, with peanut butter inside, yesss together we say Peee-Nuuuuttt Buuu-tteeeeerrrrrrrrr, it was so delicious, and the Chocolate Milk in mini size too good for me.. Well, just having this make me full until 4 pm, then when i come back to office, my stomach start to crumbling (LOL)

Lucky me the time go fast, and i can go back at 17 : 15 pm... When arrive at home, i had a quick dinner too, with porridge, some vegetable and fried anchovies, and opppss i know this part is bad, having snack... errr okay, its a Biscuit !! hahahaha..... Happy Friday!! tomorrow is holiday... Yippieeeee !!!!!

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