Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Vintage Taxi

Look what i found. It's ridiculously vintage. Wait, there's no consistency between this old rustic public transport compared to the modern TAXI. Yes once again it's a Blue Bird Group. Trustworthy and safely take you to your destination. Do not hesitate to call them, when you are need to go to some place, when you never go there before. Or just directly stop a taxi, which pass by on the road. Because they still charge you, about IDR35.000, although the truth you only need to pay IDR10.000

In the other hand, if you suddenly would like to cancel the order. You can do it, but you have to pay IDR10.000 for the cancellation fee. I know, it's kinda disturbing, but yeah you still need to pay.

Usually, i took the regular taxi, with a friendly price and affordable. It's very comfortable and the driver are friendly. Some of them will greet you with a Good Morning or Good Afternoon and maybe open the door, like in the romantic movie. But not all of them, of course! Some of the drivers are also like to be grumbling and mad because of the traffic. It's Jakarta, where there always traffic jam even in the "High Way" are also made you stuck in the middle of nowhere. People get mad, and curse each other like there's no end of life.

I just wish the transportation in Jakarta, could be develop to be better and high maintenance. In fact, the real life was rate to be so poor. I'm here not mean to judge all the government works, but the reality always speak. Why don't the government build a better transportation to cover up the "Blemish" of the cruelty of Jakarta? It is non-sense, if the Government say "There's no budget to fix/repair the broken/ugly facilities."

I am impressed with the transportation in Malaysia, though they seem always steal the Culture of Indonesia. They build a better monorail, a better train to provide all of the people to go to school or work. So they won't be a traffic, even so they are not worse than Jakarta. Just don't compared to Japan, they are very high technology and hard worker. Good attitude, work on time (not-so-me), proper management time, and well balanced life. So, if we compare Indonesia with Japan (the most modern country in tech), we have no clue how to compete.Because Indonesia classified to be "Developing Country" and Japan is "Develop Country"

The good thing about Indonesia is they are not selfish like some of Japanese. Because Japanese People are tend to be a very "Hard Worker" and they work on their self, not dependable to others or we can say "Give a cold shoulder." But Japanese are famous in good attitude, polite, kind and well mannered. Since Indonesian are so nice and friendly, western people love to tittle us with "Down to earth" and maybe they like to bully us? hahahaha...

Notes: It just a random post, confuse what to do in office, since there's nothing to do. So i put up in a song Blog. Sorry to say, if this random post would probably irritating your eyeballs. Get ready for the bleeding.

Now, this weirdo is ready to pack up her stuffs to home and maybe will do some research of FOOD and whoring with the World Wide Web. Stick the butts in the chair and starring at the silver pack square with an Apple icon on top. Ha!


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