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Now Playing : Idle Worship

Recently i play a game in facebook called Idle Worship, the game is quite fun and interactive with other people, to exchange stuffs like Morning Wood, Holly Mackerel and This Gift Rocks (stone).  When you reach level 14, you can upgrade your huts that can fit 3 Muds, recently i am in level 11 means my hut only fit 1 - 2 person.

- You need to feed the mud, when they starving, and make them exercise when getting too fat.

- You can use the power of Regen Tree, to grow back the tree that dead or short, so its grown up and you can chop them again to gain more wood. The more wood you get, can be used to build Huts, and other stuffs like Sign from God, Praying Meters, Home for Giblets, Prayer Box, Shufly Lamp, Mudlechaise, Trunkertable, Borttleball Hop, Mudalope Ripe, etc or even Upgrade your Hut.

- You can also earn money, from creating Penguin, Harmless Bunny, Chocosroom.

- To gain followers, you need to convert others mud from others island, with the power named "1st Instant Convert" and the second power is "2nd Instant Convert" which take 150 power and need to wait about 23 hours to make another convert.

- Regen Stone is the power to grew up the stone, when its empty. It takes 150 energy.
Each 5 minutes you gain 30 energy.
"Stone all gone ? A problem for mortals not Gods."

- Holy Water is a blessing power to make the mud happy, it take 35 energy and need to wait for 15 second to make another Holy Water.
"The Glorious golden shower of happiness"

- Booty Beats is a blessing power to make the Mud shake their booty, it takes 60 energy and need to wait 30 second to activate the power of Booty Beats

"Shake that thing mudling. Shake it !"

- Poke of Annoyance is quite funny, when you activate this power, there's suddenly a hand appear from the sky and poke the Mud. The mud will make a funny reaction in the face. Just try and watch !

- Mudling Flambe


- Electric Slide

- Flick of Despair

- Mudhole

- Shield of Cowardice

- Dogma

- Harry Palms

When you build a thing / stuff, you can use 1 to build or even 2 - 4 muds to shorter the time.

Otherwise you can use Tokens to finish instantly. But i use it in urgent or just can't wait ;-p

As you can see there's a volcano there in the picture (up). Do not ever think to put the mud inside of the volcano or in the sea. Because i did put the mud inside the volcano, and the mud was gone ! LOL
Its true, and you can also build a Canoe to get fish or Trading Dock to trade the  Morning Wood, Holly Mackerel and This Gift Rocks even Muds too !!!

I Got a  gift from Virginia Herron, who i do know her/him. Still,i can send him/her back those things, by visit their island, just mouse over, and the name will appear, click on the name with the underline (blue color) and you will see the island. Then Put the stuff you want to give, Ex : Holy Mackerel, etc.

When the muds worship the god (not real God, Guys.) You can collect 72 energy.

The difference between the Hut that fit for 1 (one) mud and the Hut that fit for 2 (two) muds.

You need to accomplish the prayer the pop up in the right side of the screen. It take a lot of effort to finish, but yet it's fun, to relieve from stress.

Enjoy and have a good time : ) 

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